Terra Nova Planning & Research, Inc.

Air Quality & Climate Change Analysis

For more than 30 years, Terra Nova has been providing air quality and, more recently, greenhouse gas analysis services. These services support all environmental analysis and documentation, land use and transportation plans and projects, and entitlement processing. Documents prepared include air quality analyses, conformity analysis, greenhouse gas analysis, and Climate Action Plans. Terra Nova air quality analysis staff is knowledgeable in federal, state, and regional air quality regulations relating to criteria pollutants and toxic air contaminants. Terra Nova has analyzed air quality impacts throughout California including the South Coast, Salton Sea, Mojave Desert, and San Joaquin Valley Air Basins. Applied industry-standard modeling techniques and software include CalEEMod, RoadMod, EMFAC, AERMOD, CALINE, and Caltrans Carbon Monoxide Protocol.

While air quality and toxic emissions analysis protocols have developed over a number of decades, protocols for quantifying and assessing the significance of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions vary considerably and many agencies have not established clear policies or programmatic regulations to guide climate change analysis. Terra Nova solves this problem with tailored quantitative modeling to compile accurate inventories of existing and future emissions coupled with the perspective of seasoned planners to present reasonable and defensible assessments of impact significance, as well as consistency with State and local GHG reduction plans, programs and policies. Our award-winning Climate Action Plans assure defensible analysis and thoughtful, cost-effective strategies to meet GHG emission challenges.