Terra Nova Planning & Research, Inc.

Water Resource Assessments

Worldwide and especially in the western United States, the long-term availability of potable water resources has become an increasingly critical issue. Urban development and agriculture are supported by both surface and ground water resources, which have always been scarce and are now further threatened by climate change. Our experience in water conservation and re-use has resulted in substantial savings for our projects.

Over the past decade, Terra Nova has prepared water supply assessments, verifications and studies for a wide range of planning and development projects. Uniquely, Terra Nova has also been a leader in water resources planning in the context of community General Plans. Our intimate familiarity with the principles of land planning, resource management and conservation, and community design and development assures WSAs and Water Management Plans that are founded on sound research, solid analysis, and innovative thinking about resource use and management. The following briefly summarizes some of our experience in this area.

  • Water Supply Assessment for the 700,000 square foot Desert Gateway commercial project in Palm Desert, California.
  • Water Supply Assessment for the 510 acre Panorama Specific Plan mixed-use project in the unincorporated area of the Coachella Valley.
  • Water Supply Assessment for the 504 acre College Park Specific Plan in Palm Springs, California
  • Water Supply Assessment for the 1,300 acre Hacienda at Fairview in Apple Valley, California.
  • Water Supply Studies for numerous solar photovoltaic projects in San Bernardino, Kern and Los Angeles Counties, California.