Terra Nova Planning & Research, Inc.

Hazardous Materials Surveys & Remediation

Terra Nova has conducted soil, soil gas and groundwater investigations, lead and asbestos surveys, and other environmental site assessments at more than 400 properties in Southern California. Subsurface investigations are initiated with formal work plans and health and safety plans. Contractor quality assurance plans and sampling analyses plans are also provided if required by regulating agencies or clients. All soil, soil-gas, and groundwater investigations are conducted in accordance with current sampling procedures approved or mandated by local, state, and/or federal regulating agencies.

Investigations are summarized in formal reports that present clear and concise figures, tables, findings, conclusions, and recommendations, and are presented in a manner consistent with regulating agency requirements. We also have extensive experience in the preparation of Remedial Action Plans for the removal of contaminants in soil and/or groundwater.

Our staff has conducted soil remediation at fuel service stations, dry cleaners, oil fields, and various residential, commercial and industrial properties. Contaminants of concern have included gasoline, diesel, volatile organic compounds, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, metals, pesticides, herbicides, and waste oil. Remedial alternatives used have included vapor extraction technologies, injection of hydrogen releasing compounds, injection of oxygen releasing compounds, and excavation and offsite disposal.